is a proposal by Cristina Morales for Catalizadora [Catalyst] GOZADERA, the collective research of Te( n ) cuidado on spaces of coexistence and uses of common areas. Through the interpretation of the theme and the eye of this artist and writer, a new chapter opens within the framework of this investigation.

Cristina Morales is an artist and writer, considered one of the most talented women of the younger generations. Among her best-known works are Lectura fácil [Easy Reading], Introducción a Teresa de Jesús [Introduction to Teresa de Jesús], Terroristas Modernos [Modern Terrorists]. She was awarded the Herralde Novel Award and the Spanish National Narrative Award, among other prizes. She is part of the performing arts collective Iniciativa Sexual Femenina [Feminine Sexual Initiative].


* Editor’s note

The title refers to the collective known as RomaNonEsiste [Rome does not exist], a project of public housing, study and relationship with territory led by a community of artists and women researchers.

ROMANONESITE is a mobile camp, a temporary assembly of tents and lightweight modular cabins located, for this the second year of experimentation, between the districts of Rebibbia, Ponte Mammolo and Casal de’ Pazzi (Rome).

One of the actions carried out by the collective is going to the prison of Rebibbia and playing music at full volume for the inmates from outside the walls of the building, confronting the wardens. The author understands this as ‘a radical action of care and solidarity’.

Romanonesiste has been distributed in fanzine-mail format, in a first edition of 100 copies, and disseminated through postal delivery. This correspondence wants to cross private spaces and visit our network.