In March 2020, artists Yessi Perse proposed us “to do something now!” At that moment we were (and still) working together on a workshop proposal in which to explore new forms of celebration and other ways of “living together” through virtual environments.

Since all of us were affected at that time by the unexpected irruption of Covid-19 and confinement just begun, we believed it was just the right moment to facilitate and to explore these new forms and spaces for affective relationships.

So, generous Yessi Perse invited us to be part of the virtual party η𝐄ᵘℝỖχ𝐜ΔƤέ, created by collective Neurodungeon, and it could happen within the framework of Te( n ) cuidado.

η𝐄ᵘℝỖχ𝐜ΔƤέ proposes the celebration as a ritual, as a tool and as a space of refuge and escape in which to explore and test other dimensions and spheres of our social life.


Partying and finding ourselves in the virtual space during a confinement situation like the one we have experienced (2020) catalyzes endless reflections and transversal learning about how to escape the established stories regarding the ways of relating, connecting and caring for ourselves, about proposing new forms of celebration and other ways of living in common, and about the possibilities to re-imagine ourselves in new spaces and networks.

 η𝐄Ỗχ𝐜ΔƤέ is the first virtual party curated and developed by @neurodungeon with the participation of @yessi_perse @pervertidahentai  @dani.rev_  @bartolenosis  @mithril__id.447  @sx_s1m0nc3ll0 @diekovperz. It took place 2020.03.19  form 21.00h. to 24.00h.  at @clubcooee.