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Bitcare suggests to think about and implement a number of value systems in the organisation of a collective or cultural practice. For instance, creating exchange systems that include forms of compensation other than financial ones, such as the exchange of time, skills, resources, knowledge, contacts, etc.


Detect agents, collectives, organisations, institutions, self-managed spaces, etc., with which to negotiate agreements, contracts, exchange relationships, etc., taking into account the resources that each party can offer and may need.


Mapping of possible agents, institutions, collectives, etc., with which to implement alternative value systems and exchange systems.


It is important that all parties involved in the exchange agree on the system and value chain to be used, in order to make sure that the exchange is carried out in a responsible, reciprocal, empathetic, attentive and equitable manner. It is also important to devote enough time to make this agreement, and it is worth considering that the lack of previous reference experiences, protocols, or the feeling of acceleration caused by the operational logic and rhythms we live under, may prevent us from allowing this time. This may entail the risk of ending up reproducing exchange and relationship systems supported by values based on accumulation, or precisely those to be overridden through the use of this tool.


At times it has been necessary to find resources, to design and implement ways of cultural production that include logics of exchange and relationship that go beyond those related to and fostered by public and/or private subsidies, through which only financial support is obtained. Collective demonstration