This Toolbox is the result of a number of collective processes carried out in the project Te( n )  cuidado (2020-2023). 

It collects and shares 10 tools for collective articulation that have been thought and elaborated in relation to experiences, concerns and debates around the issue of care. An issue that runs through our collective practices, our neighbourhood networks and relationships, and also through how organisations and institutions work.

The purpose of this Toolbox is to share and promote the implementation of these tools, so that others can use, replicate, reinterpret and/or hack them at their convenience and according to their needs.


The Te( n )  cuidado Toolbox makes use of the concept of ‘tool’ to put forward possible ways of doing in which the notion, value and practice of care are understood and organised with the aim of promoting a collective articulation for social transformation. 

The 10 tools shaping this toolbox come from bringing together individuals and organisations representing three different fields: artistic practices, neighbourhood movements and academic reflection. They arise from the very process of weaving together collective and community experiences, from formal and informal conversations, from analysis and debate sparked by reference texts and projects, and from the inspiration provided by resolution strategies of citizen initiatives. 

They are organised into eight categories: COLLECTIVE ARTICULATION, COMMUNICATION, ENTANGLEMENT, GENERATING INTIMACY, GAME, OPERATING FROM CARE, RESILIENCE and VALUE SYSTEM. Each tool is presented through a description, instructions, needs and tips/caveats, coming from our own usage of the tools in the project. We also explain the role each tool has had in the Te( n )  cuidado project, to be taken as a reference for their usage. 

The Te( n )  cuidado Toolbox is open source, to share and openly disseminate experiences, knowledge(s), doubts, lessons learned, methodologies and failures that have been deployed throughout the project. Thus, we want to adhere to the notion of ‘culture of recipes’ in processes of emancipation and social resilience, with the aim of being able to catalyse an experience that prevents us from always having to start from scratch.

If you’re interested in the digital versión (pdf) of the Te( n )  cuidado Toolbox, write to: