We summon. We invoke

Vibrant magic

Fertile magic

The magic of what is possible

The magic of what is unthinkable

Come and let’s all be standing on our feet!


I summon meeting points

I invoke the beauty of what is unexpected

I summon joy

I invoke what is exuberant

I summon salseo

I invoke the light in your palace to be turned on, divine queen



I summon laughter

I invoke Lady Laugh

I summon dozens of yellow tulips

I invoke also melissas

We leave doors and windows open

And let all the breeze come in

Let it come, let it come and move your feet

mess your hair and eyelashes up

awakening breath.

This a first draft of the poem that Isamit Morales has written to summon your GOZADERAS

It’s a poem without an end, waiting to be completed by each person in their own unique way, by filling up the gaps in ‘I summon:__________, I invoke:____________”

What about you?

What do you summon?

What do you invoke?

We invite you to carry out this practice, and also if you wish you can share your summoning and invocations, by email or in our social networks.