The fanzine ERTE (Economías de Rebusque Transformadoras y Emancipadoras) [Transformative and Emancipatory Moonlighting Economies] helps us to share the collective and collaborative research process carried out by Catalizadora ERTE and its members, and explain how we got to the edition of the booklet Collserola wool will not be thrown away as a result and implementation of that research. 

In this second volume, we talk about the gatherings with Damià Gibernet, Zaira Arlandi and Josep Montoya, who were key in the Catalizadora process. Without them, we would not have come to know that the Collserola wool is currently a material that is discarded due to the lack of interest in it and the difficulties in its management.


Drawings: otraputacuentadedibujos

Texts: Larre,

based on the conversations of the ERTE Catalyst with people who, in different ways, inhabit Collserola.

You can get a copy of the fanzine ERTE vol. 1 and vol. 2 about the process of the ERTE Catalyst at the bookstore La Caníbal (Barcelona) or contacting us at the email address