Screenshot of conversations held during COVID-19 lockdown
A voice to be all voices, a text to be all texts
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This text arises from the commission of Juan Canela, as guest editor of  A*Desk magazine; who invited Larre to write a text in the framework of the idea that “we need to imagine communities that can weave forms of resistance to the dynamics that have led us to distancing” (in Canela’s own words).

Our text in response accounts for a key moment at the start of the project, mixing theoretical reflections with conversations and individual circumstances, putting the personal at the center, to debate the possibility of being one and being all at the same time, of giving and having space in a project that is proposed as sustainable, feminist and intersectional.

“A voice to be all voices, a text to be all texts” was accompanied by others such as “Bananas”, by Duen Sacchi“The Institution as Ideology”, by the Palestinian artist Yazan Khalili; and “I am here to make good trouble!”, a conversation with the curator Ryan N. Dennis.