The Carriers
Postal delivery by Plata collective

The Carriers is a tool that arises from the need of the groups gathered to find non-economic value systems within their organizations.
Within the difficulties and challenges that this entails,

the tool focuses on the use of self-management, maintenance, commitment and involvement as base values ​​of any non-economic value system.

To do this, one way of implementing this tool has been for Plata to dedicate a physical space in their studio that would allow them to connect with other value systems through observation, collective dedication and trust in others; that is, through an “Orchard” – An orchard!

Understood as a perfect metaphor for this tool, the implementation of a space-garden serves here as the basis of the community itself.

The garden and its roots, its care, its process, its evolution and growth, speak of itself and of us; a common project that allows us to establish personal links beyond our daily work, serving as a pause, a space to observe and learn, to reap the community fruits and thus create other value systems.