Re-ROOTING the Post Collective by The Post (film) Collective

Re-rooting the Post Collective by post (film) collective is the result of putting into practice the Re-rooting tool, configured during the JORNADA CIRCLUSION, in the collective processes and operating forms of The Post Collective over a period of 3 months.

Creating an encouraging environment to open possibilities satisfying basic needs and priorities and building community based on the relationship with our ancestors, with “my” self, the earth and the environment, and with other beings are the bases that were collectively drawn with respect to the tool of Re-rooting.

The Post Collective experience is translated by The Post (film) Collective through a series of manifestations – dialogues in different forms (film, text, diagrams, illustrations) – revolving around questions such as how to find who we are, how we connect with each other and with the world around us.

Since 2018 The Post Collective is about creating structures and methodologies of togetherness: prioritizing co-creation and co-learning, commoning, solidarities of care, cross-cultural activism and joy. Making kinships and finding accomplices in other collectives, individuals and organizations is a major stepping stone for forming and creating alternative futures, not only to re-sist colonial, patriarchal capitalism but to re-exist in the here and now.