Being Sky · Meditation Pack
Bridge physical boundaries with Being Sky!

Being Sky is a downloadable pack of two guided meditations – Elevation and Landing. They respond to the need to reflect and produce meeting spaces capable of generating closeness, promoting intimacy and increasing collective warmth in both digital and face-to-face formats.

How can we collaborate and share our practices around care in spaces themselves generated from care? Can practices based on care cross and deal with physical distance and its limitations?


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This first meditation is intended to be used at the beginning of a digital meeting with more than two people, in which the different members of the meeting are in a different physical space but in the same digital space.


Practical Needs:

— Computers with the ability to play audio

— A quiet, comfortable space large enough to lie on the floor




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This second meditation has as its objective the landing of the bodies that make up a meeting that takes place in a physical space.


Practical Needs:

A computer with speakers or audio player

A space outside or inside, comfortable and large enough for everyone to lie down in a circle