GOZADERA Demonstration

Saturday 20 February 2021, 17.30 – 20.00

Gathering in: Avenida de la Catedral, Barcelona

In the face of biocontrol mechanisms, necropolicies and denial of rights, and in response to a state of alarm that has failed to ensure any type of well-being, quite the opposite, it has highlighted a significant humanitarian and affective unrest, worsening the situation of inequality and isolation of dissident, racialized and allied bodies – we call for the GOZADERA Demonstration!

Cultural activist collectives gathered around the proposal Te( n ) cuidado call for the demonstration 'GOZADERA'


Gathering 'GOZADERA', 20.02.2021, Avenida de la Catedral, Barcelona

Bodies need to be taken care of. Community care to resist the imposition of conditions and situations unconnected to our needs. Gozar, enjoying, is a form of care. Gozar is also to build another kind of communities by unlearning violent practices and invoking critical, political and playful ways of doing. It is by means of care-taking enjoyments, dancing, singing, performance, spoken word, cooking and a number of practices for individual and shared enjoyment, that we want to generate a space of collective health where bodies are defended and can be at ease. During these times of pandemic and new and old lockdowns, enjoying while care-taking and care-taking while enjoying is also a political act.

GOZADERA is a gathering understood as a critical approach to neoliberal discourses, homogenising and alienating, that see in enjoyment a space for consumerism. It is an artistic and cultural demonstration, coming from a collective research and from the social needs detected as the research evolved, by the workgroup Catalyst 1: Nancy Garín (journalist, art researcher and independent curator in the fields of new pedagogies, archive and decolonial theory), Isamit Morales (visual artist, researcher, DJ and producer), Lina López Ortiz (audiovisual producer, cultural manager and activist in antiracist, transfeminist and decolonial movements), and the feminist collective Larre (driving force of the project Te( n ) cuidado).

Collaborators and participants in GOZADERA: Diego Falconi (teacher, writer, human rights lawyer), El Lokal (libertarian corner for social transformation), Ervin Collazos (dancer and choreographer), Frau diamanda (transvestite artist audiovisual-drag, independent curator and cultural infector), Futch Club (Alfred Martínez, Teresa Cienfuegos and Xeno Bitch) (queer day space), Jesús Arpal Moya (artist and partner of La Caníbal cooperative), Juan David Galindo (artist), Kantina Migrante (healthy food and self-management project born out of migrant’s urgent realities), Karaoke Inmigrante (research and experimentation project), Miss ex the queen of the electrodirtpop, Radio Cava-ret (communities building project), Suversión Film Minuto (space for confluence, creation and production of emerging audiovisual processes), Neighbourhood Association Taula Eix Pere IV and Tic Tac (workshop for militant, antiracist, transfeminist and critical interventions).

The call for the GOZADERA Demonstration was organised as a gathering on 20 February 2021 in Avenida de la Catedral, Barcelona, respecting all safety and health indications regarding the coronavirus health crisis.