Circlusion Tools

These tools result from the Circlusion Meeting and are re-defined based on the successes and errors that occur in their implementation:


> Category: Value System(s)

> Description: Use of different value systems in the organization of a collective or cultural practice. For example, articulation of exchange systems beyond the capitalist value system based on the exchange of capital.


> Category: Well-being and balance

> Description: Build community from the relationship with our ancestors, “Myself”, the earth and the environment, and other beings. Create a favorable environment to open possibilities (to choose the path or to develop all the potential), and satisfy basic needs and priorities.


> Category: Observation

> Description: Operate with a non-anthropocentric perspective and relationship. First observe, then act. Each seed contains information and strategies of your journey.


> Category: Crash, Boom, Bang

> Description: Connect through the error, failure or failure. Let yourself be navigated by unsafe constructions. Being vulnerable. Work on the unknown. Possibility of generating conversation about plural forms of exclusion. Reject binary.


> Category: Listen

> Description: Taking the time to listen to the stories of “others”. Listen without trying to fix things for/for “others”. Just listen! Even if we don’t understand what we hear… it’s just about being there. Listen, transparency, intangible, radical, reciprocity, awareness, empathy, privilege, power relationship.


> Category: Maintenance

> Description: Make a round at the beginning and end of each meeting, assembly or meeting to be aware of the status of all the participants. Distribution of work or money checking the practical / essential survival needs of members and participants. An individual need becomes collective. Promote coexistence and redistribution.